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Title: I'll be your glass of poison
Pairing: Jere/Matt
Rating: NC-17
Diclaimer: 'Tis not mine. Work of f(r)iction

I'm awaken by a stir to the right of me, accompanied by a soft sigh. Sleepily I smile to myself, the room dark and hidden from the vibrant sunlight just beyond the curtains. It looks nearly as dark as it did last night, save the exceptionally annoying streaks of sunshine peeking through the gaps on either side of the blinds. My stomach flutters as a hand casually grazes the muscles of my abdomen. I tense- out of anticipation, of course.


Matt's voice vibrates against my chest, and somehow during the night we've turned so that Matt's half on top of me. His body is blanketing my body, my arms entwined about his slender form, and each of my fingertips presses into his back with recognition.

'Yeah, Matty?'

I can hear him gulp, swallowing so deep and heavily that it sounds like he's choking on air. His hands hold onto my chest more firmly now, as if gripping for a object that's about to fade away.

'Oh God... Jere...' Matt's voice fades off, and from the slight silhouette of his form I can only assume he's squeezing his eyes tight. 'I thought- I thought-'

'That I was someone else?'

'No! ... Well... yes, but... I thought...that... I fucked everything up, Jere...'

He raises his head, his hair deflated and a few speckling shards of light are glistening along his form. One in particular ricochets off of a single iris, highlighting the golden hazel so I can see every emotion displayed in it's depths. Anxiously Matt claws at my shirt, and upon realizing his subconsciously tentative reaction he stops, bowing his head to my chest. Through my shirt I can feel his warm breath prickling against my skin, and it's reason enough for me to give him a reassuring squeeze.

Matt raises his head again to me, almost expectant, begging me to explain the confusion of the situation before us. Nervously I clear my throat.

'If ... If anyone fucked up anything it was me, Matthew,' I begin, and I can feel a slight waver in my voice. I look down at him to eyes now prying for answers. I have to admit, this isn't exactly how I'd imagined my confession to him at all. His body leans it's weight upon me, pressing both firmly and persistently against mine, and it isn't exactly the greatest distraction at the moment. How the fuck did he even do this to begin with? My anxiety is at an all time high right now; I don't even know how I'm completing the sensation of oxygen exchange.

Taking deep breath I scoot up a little against the headboard, so I'm slightly slanted and looking down on him. He's still glued to my chest, mind you, but at least this time I've re-grouped and have some self control.

'Listen, Matt. What happened in the parking lot...' I watch as his eyes flicker painfully, and I know I'm going have to get through this faster than I had originally thought- '...well, it was a big misunderstanding. I mean, I froze... I guess, and I couldn't get the words out that I wanted to say...should have said...'

Exasperatedly my hand detaches itself from Matt's lower back to fly through my wild bed hair, and I close my eyes as a streak of light catapults against my retinas.

'And what I wanted to say,' I continue, shifting to the left to avoid the light and sliding closer yet to Matt as inconspicuously as possible, 'Is that..wait-first of all: I'm really sorry.'

I'm fucking good at avoiding the topic, aren't I? How in the fuck did he do this?

'I should have responded with something when you left the parking lot. I feel like a dick for it.'

Matt only bluntly nods his head. I think he's trying to figure out, much like I am, where I'm going to turn. I suppose it's time for me to take control of the conversation.

'Matt, to be simple, I care for you. I really do. And yes, I have a physical attraction for you, a very strong-'

Matt begins smirks slowly, an almost cocky smile appearing on his face as his eyes watch me lightly. My voice fades off softly with my own smile...

'-and overwhelming ...physical... attraction for you...'

His fingers have started rubbing soft, meaning to trail comfortingly along my sides, but it's only proving to be a distraction. Only one fire escape now:

Talking fast.

'And Matt, it's more than that- I mean, I like you. A lot. By that I mean your personality, the way you act- everything. Everything fucking little detail- it's fascinating. This is probably why I feel even stupider about the damn parking lot, I mean honestly, where was my fucking head? Am I stupid? I should like, fucking smack some sense into myself or somethin-'

Matt's lips brush softly against mine, warm, smooth, skin soft against my own. He chuckles, eyes slipping from our locked gaze to glance flirtatiously at my lips.

'Sorry, Jeremiah, but you happened to be rambling,' Matt explains logically, fingers still sensitively working at my skin as he leans his lithe body to mine, '..Get to the point?'

'Matt...' I swallow, a soft blush decorating my cheeks that I'm greatful he can't witness, 'I do believe.. I love you, too.'

I can see the drowning amount of happiness flooding his eyes, his look characterized by an expression I've only witnessed a few times before.

Once more the flush lips cover mine, a fleeing number of electric volts flying through my limbs and my mind rushing at a dizzying pace. This kiss is more lingering, captivating, and Matt's lips teasing mine to meet his, to which I readily agree. My hand slides to the back of his, encouraging the mouth-to-mouth contact. My fingers tangle within his previously spiked hair, as my other palm trails up to his lower back, securing itself steadily there.

Matt's tongue trails my bottom lip as his right hand begins to slide up my shirt. His left secures itself on my belt loops, thumb hooking beneath the layer of jean material to scratch the surface of my skin lightly. For emphasis he draws his hips down to mine, bringing a gasp out of the both of us and the increase of friction. Matt's lips linger to my jaw line, placing heavy and persistent kisses down my jaw. I gasp in response, my hips flying wildly up once more in reaction to his advances.

Beneath my shirt his fingers tug at my skin, nails decorating their way to the top of my jeans and up again. He varies between hard and meaningful claw marks and soft, delicate brushes along my skin. The contrast is driving me crazy. I can't get Matt's body close enough to mine, and as a result I'm using all my manly strength to pull his body closer in a gap that doesn't exist.

Right now we're grinding as hard as we possible can, the amount of friction growing between us causing our breathing to soar to all time highs. My hand tugs on Matt's hair, while catching his lower lip between my teeth and tearing it outwards. My bony hips collide with his and Matt lets out a low, groaning growl. Savagely his lips smash against mine, our teeth clinking a bit. Right now neither of us cares for the finesse; we're both hungry, horny, and it's more than obvious that we want each other.

The two of us our making out heavily, and I push against him, struggling for momentary dominance as I catch his neck between my incisors. Matt's neck pulls back as his body arches to mine, to which I meet with a powerful grinding motion. Matt groans again, and I find myself joining him, before my tongue sneaks out to lavish his pale a stubbled neck. Hissing Matt forces against me, and we're struggling for dominance now, body meeting body, strength verses strength as we barricade against each other in the center of the bed. The force is only making me harder, as Matt switches to an alternative plan of action. Slinking one leg on either side of me, much like he had nights previous to this, he forces his body forward. There's something more sexy about it this time, though, something more demanding. I feel my body crumple backwards against his bidding, his slick form fitting against mine as his legs pin me to the bed.

Deep from within his throat he lets out a dark chuckle, and I ferally meet his lips once more. Smirking against them I thrust up again, the fabric of my jeans strangling me. My tongue laces around Matt's, and I feel him groan into my mouth as his lips secure themselves over mine. He begins to drive against me, each thrust suggestive and making me groan out with need.

Fucking NEED.

His lips glide over mine and he whispers a meager 'I love you,' before diving underneath to the sensitive spot by my ear. Leaning my head back I groan softly, fingers pressing into the taught muscles of his straining lower back.

'Oh-Fuck shit!'

We both freeze, out of breath and eyes trailing to the open doorway. Tony's standing there, and he swallows, before a slow smirk spreads on his face.

'I-Er... Didn't mean to bother you boys,' he offers weakly. Quietly he closes to the door and we both listen to his footsteps fade to the stairs before I let out a small groan.

'Well. Shit,' Matt mutters, head falling to my chest as my fingers raise up to stroke his messed hair. With a sigh I nudge him.

'We'd better go down stairs, Matt.'

Matt raises his head and smiles at me darkly before placing a chaste kiss on my lips.

'Always the voice of reason, Miah.'

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