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Attention Secret Santa

Concerning the Secret Santa Participants

Please remember that the due date for all submissions is 15th JAN all stories/fan art must be sent to matt_loves_jere@yahoo.co.uk

When emailing your submissions do not add your name/or lj name within the story. Please add your username as the subject line when emailing the story/art. If you are using bold/italic etc words in your stories please pre-add those tags so your submission is copied exactly the way you want it to be (same goes for images used). Please also add the username/name of the person you are writing for. If you weren't given the username - that will be sent to you asap.

Please! Do not ask for more time. You've had plenty of time to write a min of 500 words - that's all that's been asked from you. So email the stories/or art on the due date.

Thank you
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