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The X-Punks


Holy Crap... I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I swear... it's been almost 2 years... But hey, I've got some more X-Punks for ya! And I'm introducing new characters!!!

Title : The X-Punks
Author : Z
Part : Chapter 5 : The Lecture
Rating : PG
Involved Bands : Good Charlotte/Mest/McFly
Pairing : None... yet?
Summary : C'mon... honestly, who doesn't want to be an X-Man?
Previous Chapters : 01 : The Arrival // 02 : The Crew, 03 : The Mission, 04 : The Revelation
Disclaimer: Tommy and Kali are my own creations. All others belong to either Marvel Comics or their respective bands.

05 : The Lecture

The practice session was very productive, though like I expected, Hype refused to use his abilities while there were other people in the room. Crisis got much better at aiming and activating his power. He still had trouble regulating the intensity, but it would have to do. Tony practiced fighting with Kali, since his power wasn’t active. He seemed to be catching on quite quickly, and was fit already, so that helped.

Most everyone else just needed to brush up their battle skills, so they were off talking with my brother about tactical strategies. We decided the best way to do this was to wait until the kid rushed the stage. Then we’d have Paul give the building a shake to catch him off guard. Kali would then knock him down, ‘cause she’d be hiding close to the stage. Next comes Sparx with blowing the power so the lights go out. Finally, Matt’ll attack his mind so he’s distracted enough that we can drag him back to the Institute. The plan was fool-proof. No one will know we were there.

We ran the simulation about ten times before we realized how easy it was going to be. And Hype agreed to come along, since he wasn’t going to have to use his abilities. Dr. McCoy was very proud of our planning as well. The Professor just smiled and nodded like he always did.

By the time everything was finished, it was dinner time. The Professor told us to get some food, but then to head to bed, as we had a huge day tomorrow. We all grunted at the thought of being sent to bed early, but I knew he was right. Had to keep up our strength to maintain focus.

Unfortunately, the anticipation kept me up all night. I couldn’t believe we were actually being used for a real mission. The Professor really trusted us. It had been hours since he broke the news to us and yet I still couldn’t grasp the full seriousness of it. We were going to be nearly public with our abilities and as the X-Punks. It was mind-boggling. This is what we had been looking forward to since the day we came to the Xavier Institute. Finally my dreams were so much closer to coming true.

I rolled over to see if my roommates were just as restless. Joel was asleep. But then again, that boy could sleep through anything. On Christmas day, when we were ten, I couldn’t wait to get up, but my parents wouldn’t let us open presents until Joel was up too. My little sister and me did everything; banged pots, jumped on his bed, screamed in his ear. The only thing that woke him up was my dad picking him up and spraying water on his face. Always a good time.

Matt was reading a book, but it looked like his eyes were starting to finally droop. Then I looked over at Tony. At first, I assumed he was sleeping. Then I saw his hands start to twitch. Next was his head, and eventually his whole body was vibrating.

“Matt!” I yelled to wake him from his daze, “I think Tony’s having another vision!”

We both ran over to his bed and held his hands. That was when his eyes opened to reveal that deep red again. However, he didn’t scream this time.

“Don’t go...” His voice was definitely not his own. “Hawk... Don’t go...”

Then his eyes closed and the vibrations stopped. It looked like he had just had vision while still asleep, because right now he was back to that peaceful place.

I was dumbstruck. What was that? “What was that?” I repeated out loud.

“I honestly don’t know,” Matt replied. “His voice... It kind of sounded like my uncle, Tony’s dad.”

“Weird. But why mention me? I don’t know his dad.” I thought for a moment. “And don’t go where?”

Matt just shrugged and looked back at his cousin. “Why don’t we let him sleep and we’ll ask him about in the morning.”

“Fair enough,” I reluctantly agreed. “See you in the morning.”

With that the two of us left Tony’s bedside and returned to our own. Now all I could think about was what had come out of Tony’s mouth. Luckily, however, it wasn’t an anxious thought, so it actually lulled me to sleep faster.

When I woke up, the room was empty. I started to panic. Did I oversleep? Then Matt walked in from the bathroom.

“Oh, you’re finally awake!” he greeted with a grin. “Scope and Tony have already gone off to breakfast.”

I nodded and asked if he talked to Tony.

“He doesn’t remember a thing. And on top of that, he hasn’t a clue as to why that would have been said.”

“Oh well,” I said, giving in. “I suppose we’ve got bigger things to worry about today than that.”

I washed up and the two of us met up with our relatives in the kitchen. The rest of our crew joined us shortly. Matt and I decided it was best to not tell anyone about Tony’s episode last night, as it didn’t impact the mission today and we didn’t want to give anyone another thing to worry about.

Today was already turning out very different than most other days. Talking was scarce. Everyone had a lot on their minds. Then Billy finally came over, as he was the last one to show up. He was wearing these strange black gloves.

“Yeah, I know they’re a bit odd looking...” he replied, noticing my confusion. “Rogue and Jubilee decided to give me these special gloves they made me. They’re supposed to block all contact with my hands and other things so I don’t blow our cover before I have to.” Then his eyes lit up. “Guys! That was the longest I’ve ever been able to talk witho-”

Then little bolts shot out from the bottoms of the gloves and hit his bare arms.

“I guess you’ll be wearing long sleeves today too,” Nick let out before he and Paul burst into laughter. The rest of us soon followed. I pulled Billy in for a noogie and then let him sit down.

At least that broke the uneasy mood everyone seemed to be in. After we’d had our fill, and gained back our confidence, we all strode down the hallway to meet the Professor in his office.

As always, he accepted everyone in with a great big smile.

“Well then, are we all ready to depart?” he asked. We all smiled back and nodded. “Good.” Then he opened a closet and rolled out a free-standing hanger rack. On it were eleven identical uniforms. They were all black, but very stylish. “Provided today goes well,” he went on, “you will all be personalizing your outfits. However today, they stay as they are. Now take the one that fits you, go change and meet me downstairs in front of the Danger Room.”

I quickly rifled through the suits and found the one that fit me. It almost became an unspoken race; who could change and make it downstairs the fastest? I honestly don’t think I’ve ever torn my clothes off faster! You’d think I was about to jump into bed with someone. The uniform fit so well, and was very flexible too. It was almost as if it wasn’t there. That really got my adrenaline pumping. I dashed back to the elevator and Kali and Pinto were there waiting. The three of us were the first to make it to the Professor. Once everyone showed up, our mentor chuckled.

“Now if only I could get my X-MEN to be that enthusiastic!” He then led us down a hallway to a large room we soon discovered was the hangar.

There in front of us was the X-Jet. I couldn’t believe we were so close to it. I’d only seen in twice before and that was because of a time we were out playing Hide-and-Seek much later than we should have. And now we were getting to ride in it. This day couldn’t get any better.

The stairs soon descended from the aircraft and Mr. Summers came out.

The Professor then spoke up, “Ah, Scott. Are the preparations ready?”

“Sure are, Professor.”

“Splendid. Now everyone on board! And Benjamin...”

I turned around as everyone else sprinted to the jet. “Yes, sir?”

“Mr. Summers and Dr. Grey will be accompanying you as your pilots. As discussed, they will cloak the X-Jet in the park a few blocks from the lecture hall. Everything is on your shoulders now. Go on and bring me that boy.”

I smiled bigger than I ever have before. “Yes, sir!” Then I too ran to the jet. Now was our time to shine.

The ride into the city was seemingly uneventful, however being in the X-Jet was excitement enough. No one spoke but to express their joy at being there. It was beyond unreal.

We landed just on schedule and everyone discretely dashed to the building. Mr. Summers gave me our “good lucks” and then I too left. The hall was just as we expected it to be: filled with photographers, reporters, lights, congressmen, and wives.

I signaled to Paul and Sparx. Paul went off into a corner and Sparx made his way backstage to find the switchbox. Then Kali took her cue to blend in with the ground and make her way to the stage.

“Scope?” I turned to my brother. He nodded and adjusted his goggles. He was checking to make sure the three were in their places. When he gave me the thumbs up, I looked at Matt. “Alright, Crisis. Are you ready?” He just grinned and clapped his hands together.

The time was coming. The time to prove that we could make it. And then it happened. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a young boy stand up. As soon as he began to run to the stage I knew that was it. Just had to wait for him to reach the stage.

And then everything stopped. Cameras in mid-flash, words half spoken, steps almost taken. Everything came to an eerie halt, except for us.

“Danny, go!” yelled a voice from behind us. I spun around just in time to dodge a mini tornado coming at us. I looked at Joel, who was just as confused as I was. The tornado whirled down the aisle and completely engulfed the charging boy, who was also frozen.

“Tom, shift it!” called a second voice, followed by a snap of fingers. Then the mass of winds surrounding the boy morphed into a burlap sack. It then fell to the ground with a loud thud.

What just happened?!

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