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Title: You Can’t Spend Your Life Soaking Your Sheets
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Matt/Jeremiah
Summary: I don’t really write slash but this sort of came to me and was only written in like twenty minutes. I don’t expect it will be very good but it’s mostly for a little criticism.

Blue Island, small town high school, sad people in quaint upbringings, and so much confusion. If I could choose, it's only you.


This morning I’ll wake up, eat, and lie to the sweetest mother ever. “Yes......yes mom I’ll try to stop worrying......I know I’m too young for it........No mom, I won’t let him get to me.” Momentary pause to take a drag of my cigarette and let her talk.

“Mathew, I’m sure he cares. I know you don’t want to ruin anything but how could anyone not love you. You’re handsome.” She says sarcastically and pinches my cheek. So I take another drag with an added winded exhale.

“Thanks mom.”


I will NOT let him get to me to me. I won’t let all of his special little quirks, opening my car door for me, give me the estranged idea that he’s even remotely interested in dick, let alone mine. No, no, not this time.

So here I am walking up to his car and smiling with a confident feel. Today will be about me and not Jeremiah Rangel.

“Matty, You forgot your Pre-Calc homework at my place so I copied mine for you.” He’s waving the homework in my face and I about swoon. Swoon! Mathew Lovato!

I turn around to say goodbye to my mom but mostly so Jeremiah can’t see to small tinge of red pricking at my cheeks. She’s walking out her to and giving me one of those maternal understanding looks, “See you tonight, kiddo” and a smile.

“You okay?” Jeremiah nudged my shoulder and shook his head at me with a grin.

I turn back to face him, “Yeah, yeah. Why?”

“Your mom gave you one of those....yannno.....mommy looks.”

“Heh...mommy looks?”

“Yeah. Like sometimes I swear, she wants me. She wants to fuck me.”

“Hah! My mother and you. That’s funny.” So now I’m laughing all nervous when I realize he’s about half right. Though I must say, I’m looking at his side view mirrors, and I’m cute when I panic. That’s cheerful news. I have to have a stroke to get a date.

“No, Mathew. Give me more credit than that. Your whole family wants some of this. I mean, shit, Lovatos, I can’t keep them away.”

“Do you ever you’re a little cocky sometimes?” I poke him in the stomach and now I’m just teasing.

“I swear on it! Like, just the other day, I was smoking with Tone, right? And fucker starts kissing all over my neck and shit!”

I’m shaking at the knees, “Really?”

He holds his palm up, “Would I fucking lie? Anyway, you know what he does?! He fucking blow me right there.” He’s grinning and obviously pleased with himself, “Like when we said, ‘He’d fuck it if it had a pulse
and if it didn’t have a pulse he’d fuck it if it were hot’ I was totally joking. But, dude’s a whore. Best head ever, though. Hands down so fucking hot.”

"T-Tony...He did??"

Jealously. Need I say more?
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