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sorry this took so long...

Title: A Waste of time and space (previously titled "Jenny")
Author: argh/hentai_m
Part: twenty-one & twenty-two (of 32)
Summary: its a sappy, angsty, (and later) smutty high school fic. with excessively emo jere and yeah...
Ratings: R/NC-17 i think *_*
Warnings/Disclaimer: more sap, cliche bla bla yeah more of the same u know~ ;D
Dedications: ♥ for you my dear as always. *snuggles* Take care love, and you know that things will be okay ♥ *squishes you and Davey* ;) ALSO big thanks to yesniK! XDDDDD ♥

Sorry for taking so long with this! :o Merry christmas ;) bla :P ♥

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( this is my last serenade... )

( twenty-two )

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