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Well, I've never been in a community before but there's a first time for everything, right?

Title:  If I Could Be Anything At All I'd Be An Angel Spread My Wings And Fly Away
Author: Moi. Shannen.

Categories:  Matt Lovato/Jeremiah Rangel. Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Thanks to:  Whoever reads this..you rawk..
Disclaimer:  As much as my twisted little heart would swell with joy if this was real, it is not. Matty and Miah are real people, and as close as they may be this never happened. [[one day I will prove they are fucking, till then this is all fiction]]
Summary:  Matt loves the angel in his dreams.


I crawled into bed and curled under the blankets. I was exhausted and my tired body ached. Closing my eyes I let unconsciousness swallow me, as my world slipped into darkness.
When I opened my eyes I was in a dark forest. Trees encircled the clearing in which I stood. Their branches hung low, thorns reaching out like claws, leaves shivering and huddling together. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light I took in my surroundings. There wasn't much. Grass, flowers and a few rocks.
There was rustling beyond the trees and I turned to face the direction from which it came. I braced myself, legs spread shoulder length apart. I was prepared for a wild animal to dart out and attack. None came. Instead came an angel.
I would never have thought he was an angel. My typical vision of an angel was my younger cousin, Tony. Platinum blonde hair, bright baby blue eyes and perfect, glistening, white teeth. In truth, if there was good and evil, angels and demons, I would place Tony as more of the demonic side. But in appearance he was nothing but angelic.
Yet, there was no denying this was an angel. He didn't look it. He had dark brown hair, with a fringe draping over his soulfull brown eyes. His skin had a dark tinge to it. However, the large, silky, feather black wings sprouting from his back and the halo perched in the air above his head proved that he was an angel. That and he had an aura of something pure around him. His whole being seemed to glimmer, and for a second I doubted I was good enough to be in his company.
He blinked. His long, smooth eyelashes brushing down to shield hiz eyes momentarily before flashing up to reveal the depths of chocolate brown. He took a gracefull step toward me. I wanted to run, but I couldn't move. Sensing my fear, he nodded his head to assure me it was alright.
Sitting on the ground opposite from me, he gestured for me to be seated. I sat down and studied him. His black wings extended, fluttering and causing a wind to whisk around us, before settling against his back. He smiles. I smile back. He tilts his head to the side, eyes skimming over me.
"Matt" he whispers, and although his voice is deep, it also sounds fluffy and airy. Floating across the space between us to my ears.
I don't ask him how he knows my name, its a dream, hes a figure of my imagination, of course he knows my name. I wonder how my imagination could create something so beautifull.
I don't ask him his name. I might have, had I not have been dreaming, but when in a dream state we can't control what we do. So, though my mind was screaming with curiosity, I said nothing. Just sat and stared into his eyes, as he stared back into mine.
He reached out his hand, stretching his fingers towards me. I mimicked his actions, his fingers were longer, more slender than mine and I had to crouch forward to reach him. The skin on the tops of our fingers brushed together and electricity ran through my veins, jolting me awake.
The first thing I heard when I awoke was screaming. I was slightly alarmed, wondering who was screaming. Was it me screaming?
No, as my senses returned to me I realized it was just the alarm clock. Groaning, I put the pillow over my head and lashed out blindly for the alarm clock with one hand, hating it for tearing me back from my dream. For taking me away from my angel.

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